Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste - Simply Mint Plus Simply Spearmint 5.29 oz/150 gm - Bundle



FINALLY. A CLEAN TOOTHPASTE WITH NO COMPROMISE ON FOAM and FLAVOR: Himalaya Complete Care Simply Mint & Simply Spearmint contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or harsh abrasives, yet it still tastes and foams wonderfully. FREE-FROM THE STUFF YOU DON’T WANT: It is fluoride-free, triclosan-free, SLS-free and gluten-free. HIMALAYA COMPLETE CARE SIMPLY MINT:The cool, tingling taste of fresh mint gives your breath long-lasting freshness with foam and flavor that’ll keep you coming back. HIMALAYA COMPLETE CARE SIMPLY SPEARMINT: Clean ingredients help you support healthy-looking gums, fight plaque and remove surface stains while a sweet kiss of spearmint essential oil leaves you with irresistibly fresh breath. NO ANIMAL TESTING: We care about our furry friends. That is why we never test our toothpaste on animals.

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